DACARS Network

Capturing ACARS message packets sent "aircraft to ground" on traditional HF frequencies and L-Band SATCOM


DACARS Network involves the collection of ACARS messages sent between aircraft at all altitudes and ground control. ACARS messages are manual messages sent by the aircraft crew. DACARS collects messages on the SATCOM (L-Band) and HF frequencies ensuring total global overage over land and water.

Our belief is that ACARS is the easiest implementation of A2G messaging for Unmanned Aviation.


Continents Covered


Stations Deployed


GB Data acquired per Epoch

DACARS for you

If you choose to implement the DACARS element within your DeFli UTM will gain access to millions of data packets sent by commercial and private aviators in real-time. These messages are mapped to the ADS-B data to give the most data rich map-based visuals of any UTM.

In addition you will benefit from our AI based programming that makes flight-path recommendations based on the AI understanding of each messages content.

DACARS for Deployers

The DeFli UTM allows you to incorporate ACARS message sending in to your UA deployment without C2 integration. We believe that this is the most friction-less path to integration of UA's in to the commercial aviation sphere.

In addition, our global "sea & land" coverage enables you to increase your deployment range by extended connectivity over water and unpopulated regions.

Finally you will benefit from our AI driven routing protocols in real-time. This makes flight path recommendations based on the context and content of the received packets close to your deployment.

DACARS for Agencies

The DeFli, DACARS Network is the sole data source for mapped ACARS to ADS-B (and UAT) packets that includes unmanned aviation.

Draw down the data in real-time with filtration and overline mapping and combine with your existing systems to give you the most data rich overview of your airspace.

Want to know more?

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