The DeFli UTM is a modular, self-service hub providing an out of the box solution for all stakeholders within the Unmanned Aviation industry.


In Europe: compliant with UTM standards, such as EU2019/947, EU 2021/664, EU 2021/665, EU 2021/666 where applicable and EASA’s Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) 2021-14.

US: FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, PL 115-25, SOC2/ISO27001 security

Global: InterUSS

Data Rich

DeFli UTM can justifiably claim to be the most data-rich UTM available on the planet.

The data powering our UTM is captured from a vast and continuously growing network of hosts. The density of the network and it's specific functions enable us to capture:

  • ADSB and UAT packets at sub 3000M & 400M

  • Aircraft operating on SATCOM

  • Aircraft operating on HF & VHF

  • Private drones including those non-compliant with remoteID

  • ACARS packets mapped to aircraft

For UA Operators







Add or remove modules to suit your needs. Modules include ADSB, SATCOM Backhaul, ACARS Packets, Drone Detection, Charging and Messaging.

Request and obtain flight authorizations within the UTM including direct LAANC integration. Operate under DeFli PIA for added privacy (US Only).

Plan deployments in advance including specific air corridors and charging stops or plan ad-hoc based on current conditions.

Utilize ADSB Out or DeFli DACARS for in-air communications. Receive SATCOM backhaul messaging and deploy outbound using C-Band for C2. Send C2 data over voice directly from the UTM.

Automated collision avoidance including building, human, object and aircraft within 80ms; re-routing and "best practice" planning.

DeFli UTM operates on a rolling subscription and credit basis providing easier onboarding for users, globally.

Other Users

Modular Data

Choose what data you want to populate your bespoke UTM or be fed to your own system. Choose from ADSB, UAT, ACARS, L-Band SATCOM, GNSS, Drone Detection

Easy Feed

Call from our live data feeds using our API's or receive direct JSON feeds into your database instances. Data also available as ASTERIX, CD2, ASR9, SGF and ECGP.


Subscriptions based on API Calls, Data volume or modules used.

Dedicated Channels

The DeFli UTM also provides connection to any OTS voice switch infrastructure. DeFli UTM automatically selects the correct radio frequency by the location of the UAS.

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