Cryptocurrency Information

The DeFli Networks cryptocurrency rewards operating model is described below

DeFli Networks reward our hosts based on the performance of their hardware. A breakdown of the calculations can be found in the various sections in the top menu. These tokens are:

  • baseDEFLI

  • baseDESKY

  • baseDACARS




These tokens are distributed on the BASE Network but have no directly intrinsic value, they can only be exchanged for $FLI.

These rewards tokens can be exchanged for our utility token "$FLI". The contract addresses for $FLI are:

  • Optimism 0x74d550dfda5091efbcec4741bd3d26db14f6fada

  • BASE 0x076Bf099C7aaBd0BC9bC37930113428906F51d89

$FLI is exchanged within our treasury via single-sided swap. Once swapped the reward tokens are burned from supply.

The treasury is managed by our independent DeFli Foundation and is underpinned by a GNOSIS SAFE ownership model with a 3/4 threshold for transfer. The SAFE Wallet address is

We utilize a ChainLink Time-Based Keeper to automatically and autonomously mint a fixed volume of $FLI per epoch, this uses the cron "0 0 * * 0" the registry address is This fixed volume of $FLI is then assigned to the swap pools per reward token based on custom logic derived from an oracle that incorporates:

  • The revenue generating performance of the specific protocol over the past epoch.

  • The % of the reward token staked.

  • The growth in new hosts in the previous epoch.

$FLI is a tradeable cryptocurrency token on the BASE Network with a spot value derived from external trading. DeFli Network make no statement regarding the current and/or potential value of the $FLI token. DeFli Network's may, in-keeping with our business strategy choose to invest up to 56% of our revenue in the acquisition of $FLI. Any $FLI acquired by DeFli Network's will be burned from supply.

On the occasion that more $FLI is burned through ecosystem operations than is due to be minted in the next epoch, additional $FLI will be minted to ensure that the amount of $FLI distributed is equal to 117% of the amount burned.

DeFli Networks run their own L3 Blockchain utilizing the Arbitrum Stack with Base as a Settlement Layer and Celestia DA as the data layer. Within our L3 blockchain, $FLI acts as the gas token. As part of the on-chain ecosystem operations a portion of the $FLI minted per epoch is assigned to gas fees. DeFli Device hosts can choose to have their DeFli Device operate as a node on our blockchain and earn a share of rewards. The percentage amount accrued by each node is determined by the % of $FLI that is staked by the individual node.

DeFli L3 Blockchain Links:

$FLI Tokenomics

Max Supply: 375,000,000

Pre-Sale: 10,000,000

Issuance: Years 1-3 60,000,000 per annum; halving every 36 months from genesis.

Contribution: 79% Swap Pools | 7% Nodes | 7% Staking | 7% Team / Investors (Conditional for a proposed increase based on network revenue increases and token performance).

Epoch's: Months 1-6 168 Hours, reducing by 24 hours every 182 days until at 24 hours, then reducing by 120 minutes every 60 days until at 60 minutes

Token Addresses


Token Name: baseDEFLI
Network: BASE
Token Address: 0xe9d8108db53428a0e577e9a3f28d950c3e6ae1e1
Contract Owner: 0xEB011594F5324eB9590DF88545db1F8077d43419
Max Supply: 360,000,000
Access Staking Pool Here


Token Name: baseDESKY
Network: BASE
Token Address: 0x3ce13deddea2f51826ee1f33ee9db5227bfc8fe1
Contract Owner: 0xEB011594F5324eB9590DF88545db1F8077d43419
Max Supply: 460,000,000
Access Staking Pool Here


Token Name: baseDACARS
Network: BASE
Token Address: 0x9b8850ed1a59f63dfc0069a4be0fc3a6b1a1305f
Contract Owner: 0xEB011594F5324eB9590DF88545db1F8077d43419
Max Supply: 200,000,000
Access Staking Pool Here


Token Name: bDECHARGE
Network: BASE
Token Address: 0x7c5cf42bc0a59bb91589dcf663a42e6668e4a57b
Contract Owner: 0xEB011594F5324eB9590DF88545db1F8077d43419
Max Supply: 200,000,000
Access Staking Pool Here


Token Name: DRODEC
Network: BASE
Token Address: 0x5a01bdaa010938eb7615c63cb22cf3e94e8505df
Contract Owner: 0xEB011594F5324eB9590DF88545db1F8077d43419
Max Supply: 200,000,000
Access Staking Pool Here


Token Name: DELINK
Network: BASE
Token Address: 0x54c0d0cab37677c85e08c3a5c2cb1700bc58bcad
Contract Owner: 0xEB011594F5324eB9590DF88545db1F8077d43419
Max Supply: 100,000,000
Access Staking Pool Here


Token Name: FLI
Token Address BASE: 0x076Bf099C7aaBd0BC9bC37930113428906F51d89
Token Address OPTIMISM: 0x74d550dfda5091efbcec4741bd3d26db14f6fada
GNOSIS SAFE: 0xee680611F5Dc0c5E176393076615206042Bd6044
Max Supply: 375,000,000


You can stake any of your sub-tokens and earn rewards in $FLI. Current pools last until 11/09/24 and pay 320,547 $FLI over the period.

The pools can be accessed by searching for a specific token here

To participate in a staking pool, simply visit the project's token listing on Team Finance. On the page, locate the 'staking pools' option under 'Team Finance services integration.' Connect your wallet and follow the provided prompts. Joining a staking pool is a straightforward process.