DeFli Device's

The easiest way to get join the DeFli Network. Mine baseDEFLI, baseDACARS and DRODEC from a single device.

Our DeFli Devices are the easiest way to earn one or more of our tokens. Our second generation model allows for a variety of configurations including:

  • ADSB 1090 (DEFLI)



  • 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz (DRODEC)


In addition, the DeFli Device represents the easiest possible onboarding through single click deployments of installation scripts, update scripts and node-red deployment.

Available Models

The device includes the relevant licenses and DeFli Software available from boot via eMMC. All components are housed in an IP67 case with PG9 cable glands. Measurements of all devices are 28cm length, 24cm width and 12.7cm depth.
Full DeFli Device

This model will mine baseDEFLI, baseDACARS and DRODEC at full capacity.

The device has the following specification:

  • Intel Celeron J4125 CPU

  • DDR4 8GB

  • M.2 2280 128GB SATA SSD

  • ADSB specific SDR + 7dBi indoor antenna

  • Airband specific SDR + 7dBi indoor antenna

  • USB Network Adapter card + 2.4Ghz & 5.8Ghz antenna

  • GNSS 42dB antenna + SDR

  • L-BAND SAW Filter + LNA + SDR + 3.5dBI Patch Antenna.

  • Non-Powered USB Hub

  • 3.5" Screen for easy programming and monitoring

Power is provided through either mains or RJ45 PoE

Price $590 + $60 Shipping

Apply to Host

To ensure that we maximize the effectiveness of each DeFli Device we pre-screen prospective host locations. If you wish to host a DeFli Device please fill out the below form. Once submitted, our team will review and give you an application decision and, if applicable, a payment link (crypto or card). You will then have 24 hours to complete your purchase.



Detect co-operative air traffic broadcasting on ADS-B, ACARS, SATCOM and ADS-C*

Occusync & Enhanced WiFi

Detect, download and decrypt DJI, Parrot and Skydio message packets in real-time.

Passive Radar

Patent protected passive radar detection of multiple moving, air based targets.

Edge Sensing + AI

Real-time AI edge-based sensing offering the ability to detect and track multiple types of objects.

RVM and Target Detection

Display range and velocity over customizable ranges identifying targets passing SNR threshold

3D Point Display

3D point cloud display shows (X, Y, Z) position of target detections


Unaffected by weather

Tracking Overlay

Visualize Target Position and Motion on Map Overlay


FCC Part 15 Standard conformity