DeCharge Network

A global network of manufacturer specific and manufacturer agnostic charging stations and charging hangars.

About DeCharge

Enabling UA deployers to go further for longer


Increase your operational range by scheduling in pre-booked charging stops on the DeFli UTM


Choose contactless charging stations applicable to your manufacturer or add charging pins to open up the entire network.


Protect your fleet from adverse weather conditions mid-deployment.


Drop to our secured units


Units deployed


Countries Covered

Using DeCharge

Option 1: From the DeFli UTM

If you include DeCharge as part of your DeFli UTM package you will enjoy the following benefits

  • Pre-book charging sessions

  • Build charging sessions in to your route planning

  • Reserve Hangars

  • Access Secure Mailboxes and the Key generator API

  • Reduced charging rates

Option 2: Pay as you Charge

Access our DeCharge platform and search for available charging stations and hangars.

Book a charging or hangar spot in real-time.