DeFli Network

Capturing ADS-B packets from commercial aircraft, private aviators, unmanned aircraft and more.

About DeFli

Solving the "Line of Sight" problem for aviation and ADS-B.

The Background

ADS-B (and UAT in the US) data packets are broadcast by all commercial and private aircraft, globally. All aircraft use the same frequency to broadcast these packets- 1090MHz (978MHz for UAT). These packets contain information identifying the aircraft, it's ICAO tail number, it's speed, position and a number of other key metrics.

What we do Differently

Typically ADS-B is not used for aircraft below 3000M (ASL) as the signal requires line of sight. Not an issue when you're 38,000ft in the air but more of an issue when you have to account for buildings and topography. By building a hyper-localized and dense deployment network we can extend ADS-B to the unmanned aircraft industry by eliminating the line of sight issue through network density. This allows us to map both low flying UA's and aircraft alongside the typical ADS-B mapping.


DEFLI Ground Stations


ADS-B Packets per Month



Why use DeFli

For UA Deployers

We provide the only source of combined ADS-B, UAT and UA data in a single interface, this includes all aircraft sub 3000M.

For Agencies

Easily import our live JSON data files and filter by over 20 parameters. Easily combine UA specific data in to your ATC mapping.


Incorporate approvals and geo-fencing within our UTM to streamline a fragmented process. You can pull this data directly via JSON.

For UA Deployers

Fly under PIA to retain privacy and security for your fleet.

Why use a decentralized network?

A decentralized network may sound like a foreign concept but in actual fact it makes perfect sense.

Global Deployment

Crypto rewards unite a global community ensuring a global roll-out that maps directly to air traffic and UA innovation.

Incentives = Care

By incentivizing our host network on a continuous basis, hardware is more likely to be retained in good working order and equipment optimized to increase rewards.

No CapEx

Obtain data crucial to your operations without any capital expenditure.

Data Integrity

Be assured that all data is validated through our internal mechanisms before it reaches you, this removes the ability for erroneous data or spoofing.

Interested in our ADSB Network?

Your Options

Data Only

Are you looking for a feed of our entire ADS-B, UAT and UA data? We can stream this to you as a live JSON file.

Data and Mapping

Are you looking to visualize our entire data feed on a localized or global map? If so we can provide you with this data on our DEFLI UTM. Why not combine it with DACARS and incorporate live A2G messaging.

Data, Mapping and Control

Are you looking to visualize our entire data feed on a localized or global map? Or are you looking for a platform to book flight approvals and obtain PIA assignment? If so we can provide this on our DEFLI UTM.

ADSB Data Only

If you are looking for only ADS-B data (non UA) then we provide our JSON files for free as open-source.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.