DeSky Network

DeSky performs two critical functions within the network. Offering SATCOM backhaul and providing a core element of our drone detection systems.

SATCOM backhaul

SATCOM backhaul forms a crucial element of BVLOS deployments. The DeSky network enables the retrieval of data transmitted by your UA to LEO/MEO satellites. Our global network ensures continuous downlink of data in 98% of global locations. Data is validated using encryption keys to prevent spoofing and is pushed directly in to your DeFli UTM Interface or via JSON file to an interface of your choice.

Satellite Choice
Instant Data
Global Coverage
Emergency Routing

No matter your SATCOM provider, DeSky Network can provide a service. Typically clients use Iridium and Inmarsat.

Data is relayed to your desired interface within 60ms giving you live, actionable data.

Our current network deployments over continuous coverage over 98% of the globe.

If a satellite fails our automated messaging system can deliver a pre-populated C2 message with a new azimuth for re-connection.

SATCOM backhaul can be deployed as a standalone network or incorporated in to a bespoke DeFli UTM.



DeSky station's deployed globally
Percent of the globe covered

SATCOM Providers

We can backhaul your C2 data from any of the following SATCOM providers.

DeSky Drone Detection

DeSky Drone Detection operates as a base element for our DRODEC network. It provides an early warning system for drone encroachment in a specific area.

There are two key technologies used in DeSky Drone Detection.

Forward Scattering Detection: This technology allows us to utilize the radio waves between a DeSky Ground Station and satellite as a form of "trip wire" to identify the presence of drones in a specific area. A drone flying in a specific area will minutely alter the expected strength and wavelength of the expected received signals. All deviations from the expected RSSI are pushed in to our AI/ML model to make a determination on the nature of the incursion.

AI/ML: We use AI and ML to determine the likelihood of a wave differentiation being attributed to the presence of a drone. As our learning sets develop we aim to be able to also determine the model of a drone and it's likely direction of travel.

DeSky for drone detection forms part of our DRODEC Network, you can read more about this by clicking the button below