Purchasing Page

Use the information below to make purchases of self-hosted or hosted stations. Please remember to complete the form at the bottom of the page. For US customers we can also accept wire transfers, please email team@defli.xyz to arrange.

Price List

Self Hosted Devices

DeFli Device Non Satellite Standard Power- $400
DeFli Device Non Satellite PoE- $420
DeFli Device Pi Partial Satellite Standard Power- $440
DeFli Device Pi Partial Satellite PoE- $460
Full DeFli Device- $650

DeCharge Station- $1699
DeCharge Hangar- $1999

DeLink Station- $1650
DeFli ADSB Station (Self-Build)- $95
DeFli ACARS Station (Self Build)- $95

Hosted Devices

DeFli Device- $189

DeCharge Station (25%)- $440

DRODEC Station- $350

DeLink Station- $355

Prices include international shipping

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Crypto Addresses

USDT: 0xdaFE1A7bF3BA68D954434FCEfF0d44A5476CfFea

USDC (ERC-20): 0x9C7EBbdEAb00F579E3Bc9F28019A59EdB7175C54

USDC (Polygon): 0x9C7EBbdEAb00F579E3Bc9F28019A59EdB7175C54

USDC (Solana): 5XSw9dGqFkZ8TKBfW5CGJiLFM24XcDw978pz8xUPPavy

ETH (BASE): 0x6bEebBF0632c292A88236a822eF6ce7b30194D1b