DeFli + Ukraine

Inspired by Timothy Snyder ( and Mark Hammil's ( DeFli Networks are proud to announce a collaboration with the Ukraine that will see sponsored DeFli Devices donated to the Ukraine to support their efforts in preventing the catastrophic damage caused by drones in the ongoing conflict they find themselves engaged in.
DeFli Devices are one of the few mass products available on the open market that can detect "dark" drones without the inclusion of additional infrastructure such as cameras. Our "DeFli Loop" technology enables "illumination" of all drone types via air and space assets that are already active, this includes Iridium and Starlink satellites and ADS-B out communications from aircraft up to 38,000 ft.
As DeFli Devices utilize longer range identification through RCS and Micro-Doppler analysis, we are confident in saying that the DeFli Device provides the longest possible reaction/warning time of any available device and, when paired with a C-UAS strategy can deliver outstanding protection results.

How Do DeFli Benefit?

The fundamental rationale for the project is altruistic, however, deploying DeFli Devices in a highly kinetic and massive UA traffic environment offers us access to invaluable data used for training our wider AI detection models. It is fair to say that the Ukraine has the most active airspace for drones and unmanned aircraft anywhere on the planet. This data, when used as training models for our CNN's will further enhance the marketability of DeFli as the global leader in Drone Detection.

How Do I Contribute and What are the Rewards?

To contribute you can simply purchase one of our "Hosted" DeFli Devices using the instructions below. The device will be linked to your cryptocurrency wallet (register here) and sent to our contacts in the Ukraine for active deployment.

Your hosted device will earn rewards as per our tokenomics meaning you will not only be offering an invaluable contribution to the people of Ukraine but will also be earning ongoing rewards for doing so.


The cost of purchasing a hosted DeFli Device is $650 and this can be paid in cryptocurrency. We accept either ETH or USDT on either ERC-20 or BASE Network. Please transact all funds to our "Deployer" address:
Once you have completed the transaction please fill in the below form and create an account here