Provide Power, Earn Crypto

How to Mine DeCharge


Pick Up Some Kit

We are flexible in what equipment you use but it must conform to the following standards
  • Must be IP67 rated and made from weatherproof materials
  • Must offer contactless or contact pin charging
  • Must have a developer API specifically including power data
  • Must be approved for use in the country of hosting
Currently Approved Manufacturers (unaffiliated)
If you are proposing new hardware please send us an email with the details including data sheets


Add your station to DeFli

Head over to your DeFli Wallet
Add in your Charging Station details and set your price.
Complete the validation checks within the API
From time to time DeFli have hosted options available. Please refer to our purchasing page to check availability and mint an NFT to buy here
Alternatively you can purchase a hosted station, check it out here

Earning with DeCharge

How You Earn

Proof of Power

The main purpose of the DeCharge Proof of Power Protocol is to Validate Both the Current Status of the DeCharge Station, ensuring it is operational, and also to validate the current charge level to determine it’s usefulness to the network.

The power unit that is standard on all DeCharge devices is connected to the internet via either WiFi or PoE.

JSON API provides a way for DeFli to access DeCharge Devices through the cloud server (broker server) sending and receiving HTTP requests and responses. Each HTTP request contains a “User UUID parameter” to identify the Device and it’s respective wallet owner.

Power readings are validated on 8 random occasions per epoch (24H)

Key Metrics


This figure is compared to the maximum output of the device and a percentage is determined


This figure is compared to the maximum output of the device and a percentage is determined.

The amount of $dDECHARGE awarded per successful validation is equivalent to the sum of (%mV + %mA)/2). The output value is determined to be representative of the % of the maximum reward available.

Charge Rewards

As with Proof of Power Rewards, Charge Rewards are Determined by Data Pulled from the JSON API. The two states used to determine the charge rewards are:

“Energy-mWh”: This is the transferred energy in mWH

“Charge-mAh”. This is the transferred charge in mAh.

Unlike Proof of Power, the GET request for these values is fixed at 60 Minute Epoch to enable a direct comparison and calculation between 2 fixed time points.

The awards methodology is based on taking the highest reported figure for each and creating reward tranches at a standard deviation downwards consecutively.

The 1st tranche will be capped at 10% of total active units, the second at 20%, the third at 30% and the remainder in to a final tranche. The first tranche will split 65% of the available rewards, the second 20%, the third 10% and the remainder 5%.

Where a Hangar is retained across an epoch then a fixed reward will be issued equivalent to the average mWh and mAh responses prior to the storage use.

What you Earn

35,000,000 bDECHARGE are issued per annum
Halving every 3 years, next due August 2026

Year 1- Proof of Power 73%| Team 7%| Charge Rewards 20%
Year 2- Proof of Power 67%| Team 7%| Charge Rewards 26%
Year 3- Proof of Power 55%| Team 7%| Charge Rewards 38%
Year 4- Proof of Power 47%| Team 2%| Charge Rewards 51%
Year 5 Onwards- Proof of Power 39%| Team 2%| Charge Rewards 59%