Track Planes, Earn Crypto

How to Mine DEFLI


You're gonna need some kit

To mine DeFli you will need our DeFli Device


Set up your Defli wallet

Set up your DeFli wallet here:
Alternatively you can purchase a hosted station, check it out here

Self Built Station

We allow self-built DeFli Ground Station's on our network providing they comply with the below requirements:

You must also purchase a license for $95 from here

Earning With DeFli

How you earn

Every 1 second you send us data that relates to the amount of aircraft you are currently able to "see".

At two random times every 4 hours we monitor this data for 30 seconds and "count" how many aircraft you saw in this time.

Every 24 hours you are monitored 12 times. The amount of aircraft is totalled and then divided by the total amount of aircraft seen by our entire network. This determines your "slice" of the rewards.

What you earn

Between May 2023 and May 2024 you will earn a share of 152,000 baseDEFLI tokens per day
Every May the rewards release changes in respect of how rewards are allocated. We start to factor in "Data Transfer" this relates to the transfer of data between your DeFli setup and any UA's.
There is also a weekly bounty payment that is determined by your actions taken on the baseDEFLI token. This pool is 292,307 baseDEFLI per week.

Trading DEFLI

DEFLI is built on Coinbase's BASE network

You can trade DEFLI on Aerodrome