Hosting DeLink

Transmit and Receive Data on C-Band, Earn Rewards.

Hosting a Ground Station

Important, you cannot host a DeLink Ground Station within 8km of an International Airport.
The DeLink Ground Station is a rugged outdoor unit that requires a stable base, good 360 deg LoS to the sky (elevation not vital) and a PoE connection.
The DeLink Ground Station comes with a 3M carbon fibre reflector antenna operating on a part gimbal automated rotator and so a wide hosting area is required. It operates in the 4.4GHz-5.85GHz bands (filtered to 5030-5091).
At present the DeLink Ground Station is only licensed for use in the United States, Canada and the UK

Price is $1650 inc Shipping and Taxes
Hosted Option- US Only $355


As with all DeFli projects, DeLink will have it's own token on the BASE L2 Network and will be subject to the same CEX and DEX listings as our other tokens.

The core difference between DeLink and other tokens is that holders who have earned through hosting will be able to list all or part of their holdings during a monthly auction. It is during this auction that users of DeLink must buy and burn tokens to use the DeLink Network.


Total Supply: 107,000,000
Pre-Mint: 7,000,000
Release Schedule:
10,000,000 per annum
Year 1: 80% Proof of Signal, 20% Data Transfer
Year 2: 65% Proof of Signal, 35% Data Transfer
Year 3: 35% Proof of Signal, 65% Data Transfer
Year 4 Onwards: 100% Data Transfer

Proof of Signal

Proof of Signal is how we validate the operational status and performance of your DeLink Ground Station. It relies upon the receipt of ADS-C messages on the aviation protected portion of C-Band.

A DeLink Ground Station will need to report a minimum of 1 ADS-C message per 60 minute epoch to qualify for full rewards. Missing a reporting window will lead to an equivalent reduction in rewards, missing 3 reporting windows will lead to a validity check with the host directly.

ADS-C messages are generated via the Ground Station issuing a "contract" (hence the "c") to a specific aircraft. These challenges will be automated from the DeLink Ground Station based on predictive flight plans and determined traffic. The responses from aircraft are automated and require no pilot input therefore the system is fail-proof in respect of validating signal.

Data Transfer

Data Transfer is the sum of uplink and downlink data across a 24 hour Epoch. Rewards are issued on the comparative values per station vs the entire network.